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Monetize your website in new ways, using our image-based verification solutions to generate net new revenue. With flexible plugins that can be deployed many different ways across your site, you can monetize user actions such as commenting, registrations, web form submissions, voting, and more.


Monetize your website:

Generate Revenue

Generate money from advertisers every time website visitors post a comment, log in to your site, vote in a poll, download content, and more.


Cross-platform with one installation: Our monetization platform goes wherever users are viewing your content. Regardless if your users are on their laptops, mobile devices, or tablets, our platform provides you unabated performance with one installation, making it a truly responsive platform. 

Flexible, Easy to Deploy

The platform is easy to deploy, highly customizable and works on any website or mobile site. Easy-to-use plugins help you get up and running in just minutes. Quick install plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Java, PHP, ASP.NET, Python, and more.

CAPTCHA Video Advertising Rich MediaIncrease Conversions and Maintain Quality

In addition to generating new revenue, you will be reducing friction and user frustration by replacing your CAPTCHA and multi-step verification tools with our easy to use platform. Our technology helps you increase conversions whether they are registrations or user generated content submissions. You will also be maintaining a high level of security and bot protection with our advanced security technology that provides the foundation of our technology.

Strong Security

The image-based verification test stops spam and malicious bots, false registrations, password harvesting and other security threats.

User Friendly

The intuitive, graphical interface is an easy verification step that takes just a few seconds to complete

Human Verified

Advertisers look for high quality publisher sites that provide human verified ad impressions. Our technology verifies that humans, not bots, are seeing the ads. With our technology, your website becomes a highly desirable place for top advertisers to place their ads -- which helps you earn more revenue!


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